Speak Basic Spanish In No Time
Learn to speak basic Spanish by hearing it. Don't rely on a translation dictionary.
Click on the book to see a brief description plus online samples of, and to purchase, this book. It was authored by Larry C. Rios of Las Cruces, NM.
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Larry C. Rios
Speak Basic Spanish In No Time makes it fun and easy to learn to speak and understand Spanish. The purchase of this book provides you access to audio files to more than 2,500 English and Spanish phrases found in the book. This book is designed especially for someone who wants to learn how to have casual conversations in Spanish, but does not have the time to go through a voluminous textbook and absorb numerous advanced language conventions. You will not be required to master any grammatical rules, nor will you be required to read a ton of material. You will learn by hearing. After all, that is how all of us learned our primary language when we were children. Larry C. Rios
Notice: Effectively immediately, I will no longer perform English to Spanish translation services. Larry C. Rios